Welcome to the WKA (World Karate and Kickboxing Association) Queensland website. This web site hosts content related to WKA sanctioned tournaments being offered in Queensland only. Please refer to the WKA Australia web site for events held outside of Queensland.

The purpose of these tournaments is for individuals to further develop the core values of respect, discipline and confidence and to encourage leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

WKA prides itself on providing a safe and professional arena for both female and male martial artists of all ages and all walks of life to showcase their skills. The art and abilities these students are developing will be contested in a number of fields including, sparring, traditional skills, kata forms, synchronized team performances and freestyle kendo.

WKA Nationals 2021 Registration 23rd October 2021

To register for the 2021 WKA Regional Tournament which includes:

  • Traditional Skills Demonstration
  • Non-contact point sparring
  • Touch contact continuous sparring
  • Individual Traditional Kata/Forms
  • Freestyle Kendo
  • Full Contact Pad Fights (12 and under)

Registration coming soon.