Full Contact Pad Fights

  • All full contact fighters will weigh in at the commencement of the day.
  • Once all nominations have been received, all trainers and fighters will be called together for a briefing. At this point, matching of opponents will be conducted between the competition coordinator and trainers.
  • A separate briefing will be conducted prior to the pad fights kicking off. This will outline all rules to be explained and negotiated between trainers if variations are required for any reason. Trainers will also negotiate with one another regarding what equipment will be worn. The standard position will be that all fighters will wear full face headgear, 18 oz gloves, and double shin insteps. Male competitors must have groin protection. All fighters must have a mouth guard.
  • Each bout will consist of three (3), sixty (60) second rounds with a 30 second break in between.
  • One judge. The judge will control the fight and will be the sole arbitrator of who wins the bout
  • The judge’s decision is final.