Why Sponsor a WKA Tournament?

The main advantage of sponsoring a WKA Tournament is that you can interact directly with a wide range of potential customers from your local region. To reach a local audience today requires a multi faceted, and often expensive, combination of traditional and online media and the interaction tends to be very impersonal. WKA Tournaments attract people of all ages and all occupations such as school students, tradespeople and small business owners for example. As a strongly family oriented event, the majority of competitors and spectators on the day attend and compete as a family unit. A further benefit of sponsoring a WKA Tournament is potential for free editorial coverage in local television, radio and newspaper. WKA is a global organisation and as such the local WKA Queensland Tournaments benefit from enthusiastic coverage in all the local media.

Open Letter to Potential Sponsors:

Dear Sponsor, Thank you for your time and consideration in regards to being a sponsor for WKA (World Karate and Kickboxing Association) Queensland Tournaments. These events attract entrants from all over Queensland with a vast majority of attendees on the day emanating from the local region. The purpose of these events is for individuals to further develop the core values of respect, discipline and confidence and to encourage leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle. WKA prides itself on providing a safe and professional arena for both female and male martial artists of all ages and all walks of life to showcase their skills. The art and abilities these students are developing will be contested in a number of fields including, sparring, traditional skills, kata forms, synchronized team performances and freestyle kendo. Our previous State and National Championship events have attracted well over 100 competitors each event resulting in over 200 event participants and close to 300 spectators. The number of competitors continues to grow with each event. You can register now for the next event using the either the online or printable forms below or by contacting or sponsorship co-ordinator using the details below: WKA Australia: Jim Friis Email: sponsor@wkaqld.com.au

Ok I Am Interested, Where Do I Sign?

For details on how to sponsor simply follow this link: Online Sponsor Registration (Secure online payment form opens in new tab – Credit Cards accepted) Alternatively you can download the form below, print it and fill in the details and send it to the sponsorship co-ordinator. Sponsorship Registration Form: Download WKA Queensland Sponsorship Form Platinum Sponsor Proposal: Download WKA Queensland Platinum Sponsor Proposal