Tournament Events Brief


This page is designed to provide a brief overview of the competition events being offered by WKA Queensland only. Please refer to the WKA Australia web site for events held outside of Queensland.  This page should not be considered to be a detailed explanation of how to run the competition formats. It should also be noted that the events are currently being run on a slightly modified version of the standard WKA format. This degree of flexibility has been approved by Hanshi Jim Friis, and has been implemented to meet local needs based on available floor space, equipment and to provide the most universal formats to incorporate other martial arts style. In order to provide a greater understanding of WKA stipulations, this page should be read in conjunction with standing WKA guidelines.

All competition events will be adjudicated by WKA referees who have received appropriate training and meet a required standard of martial arts experience (stipulated as being black belt or above).

Competition for each discipline in the traditional martial arts events will occur in a designated competition area. These areas will be a level, non-matted 7m x 7m arena. This size is slightly smaller than the competition area used by some other bodies (e.g. NAS 8m x 8m total with a competition area of 6m x 6m) and is slightly larger than a standard boxing ring (6.1m x 6.1m).

For the pad sparring events, the competition arena will revert to 6m x 6m areas. These areas will be matted. Trainers are permitted to stand at the diagonal corners of the competition areas, but are not permitted to enter the matted competition area unless invited to do so by the referee.

Participant Conduct

  • It is expected that all competitors will participate in the spirit of Bushido.
  • Positive sporting etiquette is expected at all times.
  • The same standards of conduct also apply to spectators and trainers and Hanshi Jim the event coordinator reserves the right to exclude any person from the event and/or venue of their conduct is deemed unacceptable.


  • Any suggestions for improvements or complaints are to be addressed to event co-ordinator.
  • All feedback is appreciated.

Event Descriptions

See the individual event description pages for details on how we run each event.